Peach cordon
Peach cordon "Peregrine", Note left 2011/07/09
ID #1642
Chard 'Fordhook Giant'
Chard 'Fordhook Giant', Note left 2012/09/20
ID #3298
Lettuce 'Lollo-Rossa'
Lettuce 'Lollo-Rossa', Note left 2012/07/27
ID #3164
Chives donated by Leanne
Chives donated by Leanne, Note left 2010/07/03
ID #179
Garden Mint grown by Chris
Garden Mint grown by Chris, Note left 2012/07/26
ID #176
Japanese Anemone donated by Nina
Japanese Anemone donated by Nina, Note left 2011/09/10
ID #2886
Thyme grown by Sharon M
Thyme grown by Sharon M, Note left 2009/09/07
ID #180
Poppies grown by Nina
Poppies grown by Nina, Note left 2011/07/07
ID #2666

A new kind of garden:

Abbey Gardens is a public space designed by Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope of Somewhere and now run by the charity Friends of Abbey Gardens. What was a neglected wasteland has been transformed into a unique open-access Harvest Garden where anyone can grow and harvest flowers, fruit and vegetables. If you would like to look round the garden just drop in any time and visit, the gates are open daily dawn to dusk. For events details and Garden Club session times visit the Friends of Abbey Gardens website.

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