Abbey Gardens viewed from the Webcam

Delicious pods

Radish pods
Radish pods

a great veg for the lazy!

During the summer we visited the nearby St Mary's allotment and I spotted pods like these in the 'show' they were holding alongside their barbeque. I tracked them to an Asian family who told me that they are the fruit of radish plants allowed to flower.
So when mine ran to seed a few months ago I thought I'd leave them in the ground and see what I got. These plentiful pods are indeed very good to eat, briefly stirfried or steamed, and they couldn't be easier to grow.

Public Farm 1

PF1 at PS1 2008
PF1 at PS1 2008

Project by WORK architecture

I saw an image (in art monthly) of this great project at PS1 called Pf1 .

Public Farm 1 is a project designed by WORK Architecture Company for P.S.1's Young Architects Program. I loved the way they've used the cardboard tubes to create the bed shapes, and embed all sorts of other features in the structure. There's lots more information and a good timelapse movie of the construction on this website:

Friends AGM

If you are interested in getting involved with Abbey Gardens and What Will The Harvest Be? come along to the Friends of Abbey Gardens AGM this coming Saturday ...

Please join the Friends of Abbey Gardens (FOAG) at our Annual General Meeting on Saturday the 18th of October 2008 from 11:00am at the Salvation Army, Paul Street, E15.

Abbey Gardens is a new green space opposite Bakers Row, E15. The Friends of Abbey Gardens are a voluntary group of local residents. Our aim is to improve Abbey Gardens and turn it into a thriving community garden.

We would like to invite everyone who is interested in improving our local area and is curious about gardening to come along to the Annual General Meeting. We will be talking about recent developments, giving an update on the arts commission for the garden and recruiting new members for next year’s gardening season.

In particular we would like to invite new “friends” to join our Management Committee. New members of the Management Committee will be voted into their posts at the Annual General Meeting.

The artists Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie from will be present to introduce their ideas for the site. Their project is called What Will The Harvest Be? and next year will focus on a ‘Harvest Garden’ designed to encourage local people to get involved – from total beginners to experienced gardeners. We are already looking for anyone who wants to get involved in hands preparation for the Harvest Garden.

We will have wild flower seeds from the garden to ditribute as well as Abbey Gardens produce, Light refreshments, tea and coffee will be provided. There will also be a play area for small children.

If you have any questions before the meeting please feel free to contact us via email on mail 'at'

Community Spaces Application

Proof of postage!
Proof of postage!

Photo: Andreas Lang

It's in ...

With the Friends of Abbey Gardens we've submitted our first funding application for the Harvest Garden ... it's to the Community Spaces Scheme managed by Groundworks. There's a slightly odd first stage procedure where you email the form but then have to post your signature on the final page within 5 days or it doesn't go forward. I nagged Andreas about it so much he emailed this photo as proof of postage!

Know your apples ...

The Abbey Gardens Apples have been identified:

Dear Ms Pope

Your Fruit has been examined with the following result:

"The sample is a dark red form of JONAGOLD and probably the form known as
JONAGORED. This is a modern apple and the tree would have been planted
comparatively recently. It is a vigorous variety, usually crops well and would have
become weeping under the weight of crops."

Thank you for using our service.

Brogdale Collections

Harvest Helper

Small harvest helper with wild flower name tattoos
Small harvest helper with wild flower name tattoos

Photo: Nina Pope

We had a very successful wildflower seed harvest on Saturday with unseasonal warm weather. We gathered so many that we weren't able to process them all on the day, although we did make a start. The stamping kit we use for the the plant names on the packets proved very popular with the kids there ...

The photos are up on Flickr here

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