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Parsnips for seeds swap

Abduhl & the parsnips from Dirty Hands project Photo: Nina Pope 31.10.09
Abduhl & the parsnips from Dirty Hands project Photo: Nina Pope 31.10.09

It's a bit cheeky putting this photo on in a way as this parsnip wasn't grown at Abbey Gardens but by our neighbours in Newham - Dirty Hands. It was such a nice day today that lots of visitors dropped by in the afternoon, including Abduhl who came to show me their parsnip crop. I swapped him some to make soup with for a bunch of flower seeds we've gathered in the last few weeks - nice.

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Halloween Harvest

Photo: Nina Pope 31.10.09
Photo: Nina Pope 31.10.09

Never mind trick or treat sweets, anyone for some tomatoes!

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Strawberry runners

Lydia in action Photo: Nina Pope 31.10.09
Lydia in action Photo: Nina Pope 31.10.09

We had a really good Autumnal garden club today, to break the tedium of bindweed (careful!) removal from the back wall, we also potted on some of the strawberry runners for next year. The used bio-degradable spoons from the Harvest Festival came in handy to pin them into pots!

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Getting fruity

I'm hugely enjoying the meticulous research into the best fruit varieties to choose for our 35m of south-facing wall at Abbey Gardens. We will plant circa 30 trees to be trained as single stem cordons, this winter - date TBC.

I found this appletastic site - which aims to get users to catalogue their apple trees for an all over the country (and world!) map. It has a way to go but I like the idea.

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Autumn Garden Club

Photo: Nina Pope
Photo: Nina Pope

Autumn is really here and now the clocks have changed we are tweeking our Thursday night garden club times.

Chris will continue to run the Garden Club until the end of November, Saturdays and Tuesdays remain the same but we are moving the Thursday night session forward. So until the end of November the times will be as follows:

Saturdays 10.00 am - 2.00 pm
Tuesdays 10.00 am - 1.00 pm
Thursdays 4.00 pm - dusk (at present about 5.30)

Of course the garden is now open to the public everyday so you can visit at any time, but if you want to get into hands on gardening these are the best times.

As Chris is on holiday this week I am running the sessions - on Thursday night we have a group of students visiting so I'll be giving a talk about the garden if anyone would like to join. On Saturday we have plenty of harvesting to do plus weeding and a few more 'choice' jobs! Hope to see you there.

Tomato Glut

Autumn produce going off to the Mind office - Photo: Nina Pope
Autumn produce going off to the Mind office - Photo: Nina Pope

Despite the Autumnal feel there is still a lot to see in the garden and in fact harvest. For anyone with an innovative tomato recipe (green or otherwise) now is your moment to visit or add it to the plant database!

This Tuesday Shahan and I spent a gorgeous sunny morning weeding and harvesting, we had so much excess produce Shahan took a box back to Mind's office for the other staff!

Pimp my portacabin

A big belated thanks to Andy Findlater and Bam Nuttall for the amazing portacabin they donated to the project which now forms our very posh shed.

I've been waiting to post a picture until Karen and I's 'pimping' of the beast was complete. As you can see it now looks great and the Plaistow Landgrabbers can watch over us as we garden!

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