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Meet The Garden Club Leader

'This is a BIG hello to all those I have and haven't met at the Abbey Gardens site. I will be running a series of workshops throughout the project at Abbey Gardens and I am here if you have any questions about your seedlings, so please don't hesitate to get in contact, my details are below. I would also like to introduce the latest addition to WWTHB and that is the 'Mule' bicycle trailer it will be an alternative use of transport for plants, compost tools etc. Anyway enjoy the sunny weather over the weekend'

Chris Cavalier


Gets everywhere but nice Blue flowers ... these are Chris's seedlings

Eurovision Seed Contest

UK & CZ entries
UK & CZ entries

I think CZ currently have the lead

In the Eurovision spirit of friendly competition towards a shared end game (!) obviously there has been a little bit of light seed growing competition going on in preparation for the big planting at Abbey Gardens. As you can see from the UK entry on the left I have a rather less picturesque growing conditions than the Czech contingent ... Come on Germany where are you!

Any other growers for the garden out there please do email me your seedling pictures and I will of course add them to the Blog (after careful scrutiny!)

Wild Flower Rescue

Thanks to everyone who came along to help on Saturday. As we hope to be on the cusp of change at the site (fingers crossed for the latest soil report!!) we decided to rescue some of the wild flowers to bring back post-remediation. This is me today with a final bunch to cycle over to my allotment, the rest are all in temporary accommodation on Baker's Row!

Garden Club Leader

Chris - our new Garden Club Leader
Chris - our new Garden Club Leader

A very warm welcome to our new Garden Club Leader for the project Chris Cavalier.

He's already jumped in at the deep end planting up seeds with the local primary school.
His next job will be drumming up all the volunteers we need to construct the raised beds at the start of June!

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