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Golden Balls for Mr. Burns

Burns Night Supper
Burns Night Supper

In celebration of Burns night (also Karen Guthrie's birthday - many happy returns!) I popped over to Abbey Gardens on Sunday and harvested 2 of the remaining turnips "Golden Ball", some have become monster veg. but in this case I don't think it will detract from the over all effect!

For those who I have no idea what I am talking about see the following BBC endorsed recipe for the big night! I realise the brussel sprouts added here are probably an aberration to the purists amongst you.

Chiltern Seeds - We Love You ...

There's nothing to cheer you up in January like the arrival of the new Chiltern Seeds catalogue - especially when they have REALLY kindly offered to sponsor your project for another year. Since the start of What Will The Harvest Be? they have been providing about 90% of all the seeds and hence the produce we grow ... they are a really lovely company, based up near Karen in Cumbria.

Hamish put together this years order and Andreas and I then promptly added stuff ... here for the nerdy is what will hopefully be winging our way this year. If you want some gardening inspiration I would really recommend their on-line catalogue here:

Aubergine f1 hybrid 'Farmers long'
Angelica officinalis
Anise Basil 'Genovese'
Beetroot 'Pronto', 'Detroit globe', 'Chioggia', 'Boltardy' & 'Bulls Blood'
Beans (Dwarf French) 'Annabel' 'Canadian wonder' 'Safari' 'Slenderette'
Broccoli 'Early purple sprouting'
Celery 'Golden self blanching'
Celeriac 'Prinz'
Carrot 'Autumn king', 'Touchon', 'Amsterdam forcing'
Coriander 'Slow bolt', 'Cilantro'
Cabbage 'Flower of spring' Savoy 'Rigoletto'
Chinese cabbage 'Michihili'
Chard 'Rainbow mixed'
Cucumber 'Marketmore'
Courgette 'Black beauty dark fog' 'Gold rush'
Capsicum (sweet) 'California wonder'
Capsicum (hot) 'Etna'
Dill 'Hercules'
Florence fennel 'Romanesco'
Kohl rabi 'Delicacy purple' 'Superschmelz' (Dasha's favourite vegetables)
Kale 'Cavelo nero' (one of my requests!)
Leeks 'Farinto' 'Blue solaise'
Lettuce (early) 'Marvel of four seasons', 'All the year round', Butter head 'Salad bowl',Loose leaf Lettuce (summer) 'Catalogna', Loose leaf 'Lakeland', Crisp head 'Forellenschluss', Cos 'Lollo rossa', Loose leaf Lettuce (Late) 'Arctic king'
Liquorice (A project for Andreas)
Mustard greens 'Green in the snow'
New Zealand spinach
Onion Salad 'Redmate'
Orache 'Red plume'
Pak choi 'Canton dwarf'
Parsley 'Plain leaf' 'Champion moss curled'
Parsnip 'White king'
Radish 'White icicle', 'Cherry belle', 'Rat tailer'(!), 'Sparkler (winter) 'China rose' & 'Round black spanish'
Sweetcorn F1 hybrid 'Sweet nugget'
Salad leaves Kale 'Red russian'
Rocket salad
Sorrel, Red-Veined
Spinach 'Bloomsdale', 'Matador', Leaf (Beet) Perpetual (Heirloom)
Summer savoury 'Aromata'
Sweet cicely
Squash 'Marina di chioggia' 'Musquee de provence' 'Butternut' 'Sweet dumpling'

And finally flowers: Zinnia 'Envy', Amaranthus caudatus, Hyssop- blue/pink/white flowered, Helianthus debilis 'Vanilla ice' & 'Ikarus', Heliopsis scabra 'Summer sun', Sweet pea 'Blanche ferry' & 'Matucana', Sanvitalia procumbens, Molucella laevis, Heuchera sanguinea 'Firefly', Dahlia 'Bishops Children', Mytosis arvensis & sylvatica 'Rosylva', Limnanthes douglasii ... PHEW!

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