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'My' mecanopsis - a personal favourite plant and database entry!
'My' mecanopsis - a personal favourite plant and database entry!

It's with much pleasure after a number of late nights I can declare the 2011 season 'Now Growing' section open! This is becoming my annual equivalent of switching on the Christmas lights (or as Andreas pointed out doing my taxes!) once a year I input all the 'out' dates for plants in the database that are no longer in the beds and then after a bit of behind the CMS secret curtain magic Dorian does something I imagine like cutting a ribbon or hitting a huge red switch and hey presto we have a new set of 'clean' beds and only the perrenial plants appear for a few short weeks before we start sowing and planting them all again! 

Filling out the plant database can (frankly) at times be a real bore BUT with two years worth of data now logged in I can really start to see the value of this as a permanent record of what the Friends of Abbey Gardens group have achieved as well as an informative resource for other community gardening groups. As more and more plants go in you can compare varieties, add recipes and generally start to feel the benefit of all Hamish, Chris and I's diligent recording and photo-taking. 

I know it's a tiny bit sad but I also really like to have a record of the plants I personally have lovingly grown. The blue poppies are a real favourite - the seeds came from plants in Karen's garden (which she in turn no doubt grew from seed!)  and I then grew the first plants we had at the garden. Today (three years on) I gave my Gran some new plants grown from the next generation of gathered seeds, the rest will be for sale at this weekends Spring Event.

2011 is currently a fresh slate - for a few weeks only - enjoy.

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