Abbey Gardens viewed from the Webcam

Runs in the family after all?

It often seems that I have little in common with the rest of my family in the way of hobbies/profession, certainly none of my immediate family could be regarded as being mad about gardening. A recent trawl through our loft though has thrown up boxes of old slides taken by my Great Great Uncle including images of my Great Grandparents in their garden - which I can vaguely remember.

I really love some of the images - the layout of the garden is SO old fashioned and the staked delphiniums would put most contemporary allotment holders to shame. Yet some of the images of individual plants and particularly cut flowers and vegetables could have been taken by me, at Abbey Gardens or on my allotment. The vases I often use for cut flowers are in fact from my grandmother and she may well have inherited them from my Great Grand Parents ... there's something nice about fresh, fragile cut flowers forging such an immediate and powerful link to people from your past.

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