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A mere fragment of Leaside Wood Recycling
A mere fragment of Leaside Wood Recycling

Many thanks to Danny of City Wood Services who gave us a fascinating tour of Leaside Wood Recycling Project on Saturday. I've often passed this strange facility on the side of a busy London road and wondered what lay behind their hand painted facade - now I know!

Beyond the fence is a fascinating and seemingly endless collection of wood 'harvested' from London and beyond, all ready to be recycled. The wood can come from a variety of sources - anything from fallen trees to 'art waste' from galleries, basically they process and store it and can then cut and supply it to clients. Considering Abbey Gardens is a stone's throw away it would be really interesting to see if we can collaborate on the project. Danny also gave me some very helpful advice regarding working with untreated (ie. non-toxic) woods and how long each might last.

I like the idea that we might re-use 'gallery art' on the ground.

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