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RIP Apple Tree?

Emergency apple tree package
Emergency apple tree package

There is currently one remaining apple tree on the site, and although it's not a fancy variety (it's a dark red form of JONAGOLD probably the form known as JONAGORED) everyone locally (including us!) has become very fond of it. Sadly through the remediation report for the site we've been advised not to eat the fruit as the tree's roots go down into the soil on site which has been found to be polluted.

As the cost of testing the actual fruit will be about £2000 this seems to much to risk (as we may well be told not to eat the apples) and it seems very likely that the tree will have to be removed when the site is remediated next month.

HOWEVER in a last minute dash to try and create something of a 'family legacy' for the tree Karen and I contacted Brogdale (the fruit tree experts) to see if it was too late to try and graft some scions from our apple onto new root stock and make some new trees for the garden. Having thought we might try this 'at home' we were advised by the super helpful David Morris that grafting this late in the year is quite an art and that we should immediately package up the scions we'd cut (which we were keeping in my fridge to hold growth back!) and send them to Brogdale where he would try to work with them.

So fingers crossed, they arrived last week and David thinks they might still work ... all may not be lost!

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