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Popes win prizes

Judah (1st in the flower arranging) and Nick (3rd prize cake!)
Judah (1st in the flower arranging) and Nick (3rd prize cake!)

This is my brother Nick and his son Judah. Now, this is a man who prior to recent years was rarely seen to eat a vegetable let alone grow or cook one - and yesterday he took third prize in the cake competition made with his own home-grown carrots! I sadly walked away from the flower arranging empty handed despite (IMHO) a very nice (home grown) Dahlia number ... I was beaten by Judah - my own Nephew ... I had no sway on the judges despite taking notes for them.

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Harvest Festival

Come and enjoy this years Harvest Festival at the garden - anyone who came last year can tell you what a great day out it was!

11am Bring your competition entries:
* Bake a garden-themed cake or traybake (to be served at 3pm, after judgingPlease mark your container with your name, name of cake and ingredients
 * Build a plant portrait: a head or face made from fruit and vegetables. Label your plant portrait with your name and age
 * Make a flower arrangement on the theme of ‘What will the harvest be?’ in own container (not exceeding 75cm h x 50cm w x 50cm d)

12 noon Harvest Festival opens
Garden tours, tea and cake throughout the afternoon

12-3pm Activities
 * Build a head or face from vegetables to enter into our plant portrait competition
 * Print a patchwork of patterns with potatoes and natural plant dyes and juices
 * Make a miniature bouquet of paper collage flowers
 * Sew some bunting or take away a piece to sew at home

1.30pm Cookery and tastings

2pm Live flower arranging (entries can be submitted to the competition)

3pm Competition judging

4pm Harvest Festival closes

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